Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My wish to see the development of Taiping to another level may be materialized by 2015. Last Monday (15 Sep 2008), I found in newspaper about plan to develop Taiping and Kuala Sepetang. Taiping is my hometown.. and Kuala Sepetang (formerly known as Port Weld.. I really don't understand why they rename it!) is among the oldest town in Tanah Melayu (I was schooled there for 1 year) and among the first to receive civilization in Tanah Melayu.. so any development programme is very much welcome.
So many heritage in Taiping.. so many attractions.. from the first railway services/track in Tanah Melayu, to the oldest lake garden and not to forget the most beautiful & the best well-managed mangrove in the whole universe can be found in Taiping. ..and off-course we can manipulate (without any damage.. ) the heritage, the environment and the values of society..which will enable improvement to the economy of people living in Taiping and surrounding kampung.

The risalah on the development plan for both places can be found here

Fishing trip 18 May 2008. Abah with his biggest catch of the day .. sembilang.
Tempat memang cantik gila.. kat Kuala Trong, sebahagian drpd hutan bakau Matang yg terbesar & tercantik di dunia.
Kat bawah ni pulak gambar Taiping lake garden with maxwell hill in the background taken on 1st Sep 2008 masa balik kampung trip recently.
Teratai di tasik taiping.. klu penuh mmg cantik teramat.

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